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Tax Essentials Learning Program | T.E.L.P

The Tax Essentials Learning Program (T.E.L.P) was created by Experienced Tax Professionals and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to provide high quality and effective tax training to those who are interested in learning about how to apply the tax law in practice.

What’s included in the course:

Basics of Taxation 

Before attempting to prepare a tax return, understanding the tax codes that affect individual taxation is a must.

In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of understanding tax returns. We'll discuss...

  • The history of the income taxes
  • The types of income (unearned vs earned, non-taxable vs taxable)
  • Understanding gross income and adjustments to gross income
  • The types of tax credits available to individuals (EIC, CTC, Education Credits, etc.)
  • Understanding tax deductions and how to reduce taxable income
Business Taxation 

Understanding the fundamentals of business taxation is a must for individual tax preparers.

In this course, you'll become comfortable with...

  • Discussing the different types of business entities and how they are taxed
  • Understanding the filing requirements and deadlines for business returns
  • Understanding income and deductions
  • Tax strategies and other taxes for small businesses
Annual Federal Tax Refresher 

The Annual Filing Season Program aims to recognize the efforts of non-credentialed return preparers who aspire to a higher level of professionalism. The Tax Essentials Learning Program provides the 18 credit hours of continuing education required to receive the IRS Annual Filing Season Program Record of Completion.

  • Understand annual inflation adjustments
  • Deduction limitation updates
  • Kiddie Taxation
  • Reporting and Taxability of retirement income
  • & MORE
Audits & Ethics 

Audits can happen at random, and as a tax preparer, you are expected to conduct business in an ethical manner. 

In this course, you will gain familiarity with...

  • The definition of tax audits and the types of tax audits that can happen
  • What documentation is commonly requested by tax officials
  • How to mentally prepare a client to deal with a tax audit
  • How you can request permission to speak to tax representatives on behalf of your tax client 

What People Are Saying:

Going through the TELP program was an amazing experience and I learned so much. This TELP apprenticeship helped me learn a ton about federal and local tax laws, and I learned how to explain tax refunds to a client. Sheneya was also incredibly organized and whenever I had a question about my work she was quick to respond. Overall, when you take into account all the knowledge and experience I gained, partnered with Sheneya’s excellent guidance; learning through the Tax Essentials Learning Program was an experience I will forever appreciate.

Jacob Rich

Before T.E.LP., I was terrified of the IRS because I had little knowledge of how taxes work. After completing T.E.L.P., I can prepare a tax return with confidence and have a great understanding of how to plan to organize my personal and business finances so that I can benefit from the current tax codes. The information shared in this course is beneficial if not ESSENTIAL for every person that files taxes–so that means YOU and your family too!

Brandi The Greatest

TELP has been nothing short of amazing! As someone that never thought about taking up a career in the financial industry, TELP made me think otherwise. The ease in which we were taught things like tax law, marketing, and effective pricing, I feel so glad that I chose to invest in myself to learn this skill.

Sharnice Neale-Ottley